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Great Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

Finding a special gift for your bridesmaids is always a tough part of wedding planning. You want to make sure that each girl feels important, and you want to find something that can be used or worn for more than just your big day. One of the most popular bridesmaids gifts is jewelry, and there are hundreds of amazing and affordable options out there. A personal favourite of mine are name meaning necklaces from Nayme Inc. 

'Nayme' necklaces are a gorgeous option for bridesmaids to wear on your wedding day, and can be worn again and again. They are great because they utilize the meaning of your name and an image that represents it; this is perfect because it's a subtle way to symbolize who you are. The quality and design is gorgeous and will be a treasure for your girls for years to come!

Bridesmaid Dress Options

When thinking about bridesmaid dresses for your best girls, you have hundreds of options to choose from. It can get overwhelming, making the decisions about length, colour, cut and more. It makes it especially difficult when you start to consider everyone's heights, body type and comfort level with specific styles. That's where convertible dresses come into play!

One of my favourite Canadian-made options is Henkaa. With only two sizes, but three lengths and more than 20 colours to choose from, it's a guarantee that you can find a flattering and gorgeous dress style for each of your bridesmaids. Another huge benefit of this dress is that it can be re-worn over and over. If you are afraid of the 'mis-matched' look, you can always ask your maids to tie their gown one specific way for the ceremony, and then they can switch it up for the reception. With hundreds of tie-styles, there's no worry for anyone to find a way that suits them best!

Having a Confetti Bar

Toss bars and confetti bars are gaining popularity as a fun and creative way to celebrate the newlyweds as they retreat down the aisle, or as they head out of the reception. With that said, creating homemade confetti can be time consuming and messy, so I'd recommend leaving it to the pros!

DIY Confetti Sticks from The Confetti Bar & BFFF

Fun colours, glitter and sequins are all eye catching and look amazing in pictures, and will help to create a fabulous scenery for the happy couple. Our amazing friend Jessica, at The Confetti Bar, can literally create whatever type of confetti mix you can imagine. From custom lettering, to confetti wands, she is the queen of fabulous paper mixes. If you are thinking of a toss bar, or even just confetti to add to your decor, definitely check out The Confetti Bar!