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The Ten Spot Experience

As I promised yesterday, here is a little personal experience I had at The Ten Spot, for those of you worried about trying a new place before the big day! I really love visiting this particular beauty bar because they have the prices of a more 'low-end' nail salon, but the absolutely amazing quality and experience of a 'high-end' spa. It's a great combo, and one of the reasons I enjoyed their services so much.

For my pre-NYC visit, I chose a gel manicure, so that I could ensure they would last and look great for all of my adventures in the big city. I was not disappointed, that's for sure! The colour choices are amazing and the quality is top notch. In my 45 minute appointment, I was very well attended to, given my choice of drink, and I felt really welcome in their salon.

They offer tons of great services and I'll definitely be going back soon!

Beautifying for the Big Day at The Ten Spot!

I've been asked to do a few guest posts over at The Ten Spot blog. Here is my first article, and make sure you tune in for my next post for my personal experience from them, and why I love their gel manis!

The day you get married will be the best day of your life, and also the day you’ll be the most photographed! Before you walk down the aisle, you want to ensure that you are trimmed, buffed and otherwise ‘beautified.’ Here are three big tips for what you should do to get yourself ready for the most important day ever.

Prep your face: If you are a facial regular, make sure you get your last one no less than a week before the big day. If facials are new to you and your skin, ensure that you leave at least two weeks for your skin to heal, just in case of any adverse reactions. A facial is a great prep for your wedding, as it will bring a healthy glow to your face, and set a great base for your big day makeup. Make sure you are honest with your beauty team about any skin concerns, that way they can ensure you are getting the right treatment, and that you’ll look your best when you head down the aisle. A facial will make you feel fresh and prepared for the hundreds of pictures that will be taken too!

Ready your nails: Set up your mani and pedi appointment for no more than 2 days before the big day; the day before is preferable. You want to ensure that you don’t leave too much time for them to get chipped or cracked! To avoid this, you can always go with the new, and very popular, gel polishes, which are a great way to keep your colour fresh for longer. You want your nails and hands to look and feel nice for the big day; they will be photographed and touched more than you think! Your significant other will truly appreciate your soft hands on your big day, so ensure that having your nails prepped and prettied is a priority.

Wax the rest: Finally, you want to make sure that the rest of your body is buffed and polished too. Book any waxing appointments for 1-2 weeks before the big day, to account for irritation and redness; you wouldn’t want to be spotty or red in your wedding pictures! On top of your ‘regular’ waxing (think eyebrows or legs), you might want to consider a few other places to prep. Arms, chin or maybe a Brazilian to get yourself ready for the wedding night, are all great options to get prepped for the big day. As everyone knows, these pictures last forever, and you want to look and feel your best as you head down the aisle.

And like I said, come back tomorrow for my personal experiences at The Ten Spot!

Recap from Bridal Fashion Week!

I hope you guys were following along this weekend while I adventured to New York City for a whirlwind trip of runways and bridal gowns! I was so fortunate to attend many amazing runway shows, and the Knot Couture Show as well. You can find all my pictures over on our Facebook page, but I've also included some below. Here are my top five trends from the runways this season:

Lingerie Details: Slinky gowns, high slits, and nude underlays all played huge roles in the gowns of the season. Elevating the gown from bedroom to bridal were sumptuous fabrics and stunning details. We even saw rompers and babydoll styles down the runway, turning heads for all in attendance. Be on the lookout for the sexiest trend of the season as it transitions from runway to the aisle.

Alyne by Rita Vinieris


Slim Silhouettes: I'm not here to say that ballgowns and full skirts are out, but slim gowns are definitely in. Clingy, body hugging designs, flowing skirts and a definite lack of volume were trending on the runways, giving brides the option to feel like a goddess or a pinup. I'm interested to see which brides choose this style in favour of the traditional princess style gowns we've been used to seeing.


Romona Keveza

Intricate Necklines & Backs: More and more designers are giving their due diligence to the back and neckline details than ever before. During the ceremony, many of your guests are looking at the back of your gown, and during dinner, many guests are only seeing the neckline and bodice. It was obvious that designers were keeping this in mind while designing their collections this season, as the interest and intricacy levels were off the charts.


Luxe by Ines Di Santo

Gold/Taupe/Mocha Additions: With trends like Art Deco and Grecian here to stay, it seems that gold & neutral tones were a major player this season. Underlays, embroidery and belting were seen in all shades of the gold family, possibly threatening to overtake silver elements as a wedding day favourite. It will most definitely be important to watch as this trend carries over from gowns into overall wedding day decor.

Hayley Paige

Shimmer: Heavy beading is still, and continues to be, a major player in bridal fashion. This season though, heavy beading was left out of quite a few collections, in favour for light sparkle, minimal glitter, and underlying shimmer effects. The light and airy quality of these designs make for an ethereal elegance, perfect for so many brides and weddings.


Of course, major elements from last season definitely carried over. Colour, peplums, beading, and the ever-popular lace, were all over the shows and runways again. Designers are continually reinventing and redesigning these styles, and it's amazing to watch their transformations from season to season.

Stay tuned to Her City Lifestyle this Saturday for more about Bridal Fashion Week, including some trend notes from the design houses themselves!